TPG Speed Test

TPG is the second largest internet service provider (ISP) in Australia, which is offering multiple internet plans with breathtaking speed at an affordable price. Mainly, the TPG ensures that their given internet package works well on the client-side, but if their plan is not going well, then it’s time to go for a TPG speed test.

We are offering a speed test from which you can determine how fast your TPG internet speed is. To avail of this service, you need to make sure that you are connected to the internet. Moreover, this article will thoroughly guide you on how much speed you should expect from a specific TPG internet plan.

How should you check your TPG speed?

Checking your TPG internet plan speed is very simple with our TPG speed test, as you only have to click on the “Go” button given below. In a matter of seconds, it measures your internet speed and allows you to download the test result as well. After completing this test, there are two important readings that you should keep in mind: download and upload speeds.

What is download speed?

Downloading speed is how much MB data per second it takes to download data, including pictures, videos, files, audio, etc. In simple words downloading files from the web, streaming videos on Netflix or YouTube and listening to music on Spotify all demand you to download data.

What is upload speed?

Upload speed means how much MB data per second a user can send from his device to another server or device over the internet. As most online activities demand data downloading, some tasks also require the data to go reverse, like sending emails, playing an online gaming tournament, and video conferencing.

How much internet speed to expect from its different packages?

TPG is a top-notch ISP, so it offers various internet packages with varying internet speeds which depend on the price. If you have an entry-level internet subscription from TPG, you should not expect to get the same speed as TPG is providing in premium and high-end plans. There are some plans with their top speeds given below. Let’s have a look.

1. TPG NBN 12

This plan gives an ultimate of 12 MB per second downloading speed along with 1 MB per second uploading speed. Generally, 12 MB per second is evening speed.

2. TPG NBN 25

This plan gives an ultimate of 25 MB per second downloading speed along with 5 MB per second uploading speed. Generally, 22 MB per second is evening speed.

3. TPG NBN 50

This plan gives an ultimate of 50 MB per second downloading speed along with 20 MB per second uploading speed. Generally, 48 MB per second is evening speed.

4. TPG NBN 100

This plan gives an ultimate of 100 MB per second downloading speed along with 20 MB per second uploading speed. Generally, 85 MB per second is evening speed.

Is TPG an excellent internet service provider?

In Australia, TPG is the second leading internet and network provider. Moreover, this ISP has all the best packages that a user wants to get a congestion-free and stable internet. Besides that, the tpg nbn speed test is helpful because it will help you decide on whether to stick to the plan or change it according to your needs and test scores.

That way, you will be able to interpret whether your ongoing package is up to the mark or not, and you can also upgrade to a better package in case you are not satisfied with the current one. However, if you face any issue with your internet despite a better broadband internet speed test score, you must call the TPG helpline to resolve the problem rather than switching to another ISP.

How can I improve my TPG internet speed?

You should take the following aspects into account to improve the speed of your internet.

Modem distance:

If the internet modem is located farther from where you are accessing the internet, then you will get poor internet speed. With the use of cables, you can reduce the distance of the modem and can minimize the obstacles that the internet signals might experience in the form of a wall and any solid object.

Outdated hardware:

Have you subscribed to a fast-speed internet package of TPG but getting slower speed? If so, then the old devices, including your digital devices, modem, and cables, can be a culprit behind this issue. So, the only thing you should do is to replace the outdated devices with newer ones.

Low bandwidth:

Poor bandwidth may be another reason why you get a slower Internet speed. There are two reasons for this; one is that TPG is providing minimal Mbps data. The second cause of low bandwidth is an excessive number of devices connected to a modem or router.


Is the TPG test worth it?

Whether it is a TPG broadband speed test or TPG nbn speed test, they are worthy as through these tests you get to know if the speed your TPG internet package gives is appropriate or not. In short, it’s 100 percent worth it.

How long does a TPG speed test ookla take?

In just a matter of seconds, you will get internet speed. On average, it takes about 30 seconds to get the test score and brief report. The internet speed measuring test is ideal for determining the real-time upload and download speed offered by TPG or any other ISP.

How reliable are TPG speed tests?

Internet speed tests like the one on this page are excellent and can remarkably analyze how fast your TPG ADSL, cable, or NBN connection is. Moreover, to get the precise test score to restart your PC, clear web browser cache, stop all internet use and restart the modem and router as well. Now perform the test to get a perfect score.